Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's going to be one of those mornings.  So far, I've shined my sink (shuddap).  I did clean the front of the dishwasher, and then the stove, and finished the counter.  Then, went back to clean up the ring that my own coffee cup made.  (See, it's EASY!  Why isn't the goof doing it??)

Bad stuff - computer death rattles.  Second "temporary" hard drive, loosing everything again.  Thank goodness I changed all of the passwords to something reasonable or I'd be locked out of my own internet crap.

Hot water heater - would you just live or die already, mofo?!?  I've held your hand at your bedside for a long time.  Your element got changed with much soap opera drama potential, and I've looked more closely at your innards than I ever thought I'd needed to do.  When I greet you in the  morning with steam and scalding love, much praise is said to dog.  When you breathe heavily and pause while I have shampoo in my eyes, vocabulary gets a better workout than my behind has had in a month.  When you fade off to nap before I'm finished, well...  That's the deal breaker right there.  I do have other ways to heat water, but I am not carrying the coffee pot into the shower with me just in case the water heater shoulda had Viagra.  It's time.  I'm checking into places for you to fade in peace, but I'm just not that civilized.

Good stuff - Have the pieces in a shopping cart for *MY* computer.  Ok, it's really going to be for daughter, but first OMG purchase in a long time.  (Since the awesome carpet cleaner which has already saved bacon!)

Have the list of community ed classes and just need to decide when and what I'm doing.  Yoga, Zumba or Tai Chi?

Blanket of never ending is on my lap and just about ready for some edging.  Panda hat only needs ears, pockets and claws.  I've moved three beginners into MAKE ALL THE THINGS, starting on two hats and a cowl.  Yay!  (working with Red Heart all evening - ACK)

Working on getting a better job actually has prospects.  I need a kick in the back pocket, but YAY!  Small progress!!

Meanwhile, now I've folding some laundry, gone over the mail, knitted a bit, blogged SOMETHING and shined the sink before 10 am.  Yay, me

(PS - Awesome stuff - not everything I write is for this or shared at all.  I sat down last week to do something flippant and silly about the reasons that a woman would still wear high heels in winter and fell on my face.  Some old splinter came out, made of my issues, other people's issues, anxiety, fear and winter blues.  Stunning part is that it came out almost whole cloth, seams, button holes and all.  Good feedback led to better feedback - so I put on the Big Girl Panties and sent it to a real pro who might be kind and pat me on the head.  Instead, I ended the day with a SONG in my email.  DUDE, I wrote a SONG!  I released it into the world and it came back a little different, a lot prettier and with a joke from the universe that still makes me giggle.  So, even if procrastination is sitting behind me snickering, I WROTE A SONG!!)

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