Monday, September 17, 2018


After all this time, it's finally time to make more slippers.  I'm using the old Fiber Trends pattern because it's worked so well in the past. I'll see if I can add pictures as I go. 

. Bottom of the slipper before sewing or felting

 Top of the slipper

. Cream Lopi

. Purple Lopi on handspun.

. Handspun with glitter!
. Demin blue Lopi

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Started the outline for an auto biography to procrastinate on house cleaning. LOL  Nothing like digging a huge hole to keep from planting grass.  Ah well.  I am getting my projects more organized to take pictures of wips and stash for Ravelry.

If anyone wants to see them, let me know and I might put a wall of shame on Facebook of the things that are stalled out in Area 51.  (There's 3 mysterious areas now.  Opps)

I also have an article started on why podcasting and why listen and I tripped over an awesome TED talk that inspired me to start telling stories and broadcasting the things that go on.  It could be really fabulous or really silly.  I think I'll collect some of the footage and just trot it down to upstream to edit some things together.  I know that I'd like to print bunches of the old pictures and get them on the walls.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Best Christmas present so far.  I picked up a little tablet and I'll be able to write about the interesting stuff that I find.

First, I'm going to research some basic information on podcasts.  I'm an addict, and happy to share the things that I find.  Would anyone like to suggest ideas, podcasts or pod catchers?  email me  I'm using Downcadt - a pay service.  Probably easiest to start with Itunes.  Free and easy.

Then, I would like to update my Ravelry profile information.  Pictures of stash, the top 3 projects, and pictures of things that I've actually finished.  As the Knitmore girls say, it's not done until the ends are tucked and photos are posted.

Finally, I'm going to be grabbing pictures of fixing up the old house.  The big projects are done.  I'm still so chuffed and amazed that I survived the insurance process that was actually worse than living with a hole in the roof, the barn blowing away, or the wind storm/tornado.  I have the stuff to paint William's room and install new screens.  I have to choose between 3 great real estate agents and just get it listed.

Have an amazing holiday!

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Fair and new podcast

Got one thing together for the fair.  To be honest, I made it ages ago and did use it to snuggle with on the couch.  I'd never actually done the finishing. According to the Knitmores, it's not done until its blocked, tails tucked and pictures on Ravelry.

That means that almost everything in my house is still in progress. Lol.  I have a sweater that's over 10 years old and well worn that still has tails.  Oops!  I love it and it wanted lots of pockets that it never got. Maybe eventually.  

Anyway, this shawl was a huge, crazy project. I spent 4 hours washing, soaking and blocking.  I'd found some simple galvanized wire for blocking wires, and they worked nicely for the top. The sides were done with hundreds of pins. Annoying and completely worth it. The fun part was that the fat cat got the idea that the wire was evil and needed to die violently. I wish that I'd filmed it!

Kicked the cat out of the house and finished stretching everything. It grew by more than half.  I always forget how much lace grows. The picture is the shawl pinned on the carpet on a queen size sheet folded in half. 

I won a blue ribbon!!!   I am thrilled that the local yarn store awarded me best in show and I have a gift certificate to use. 3 of the former judges came and said that I was best in the show.  The current judge didn't think so, but that's ok. I think it means more coming from people who's opinion that I value instead of someone that I don't know very well.

This was a post first written on my phone.  I really do like this new system.  Just have to figure out if anyone is still reading. 

Catching up

It feels really good to be back in a place where I can be doing the art stuff again.  I don't even want to make the list of what all I've done now. 

But I will be putting up some pics and telling some stories so stay tuned. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's going to be one of those mornings.  So far, I've shined my sink (shuddap).  I did clean the front of the dishwasher, and then the stove, and finished the counter.  Then, went back to clean up the ring that my own coffee cup made.  (See, it's EASY!  Why isn't the goof doing it??)

Bad stuff - computer death rattles.  Second "temporary" hard drive, loosing everything again.  Thank goodness I changed all of the passwords to something reasonable or I'd be locked out of my own internet crap.

Hot water heater - would you just live or die already, mofo?!?  I've held your hand at your bedside for a long time.  Your element got changed with much soap opera drama potential, and I've looked more closely at your innards than I ever thought I'd needed to do.  When I greet you in the  morning with steam and scalding love, much praise is said to dog.  When you breathe heavily and pause while I have shampoo in my eyes, vocabulary gets a better workout than my behind has had in a month.  When you fade off to nap before I'm finished, well...  That's the deal breaker right there.  I do have other ways to heat water, but I am not carrying the coffee pot into the shower with me just in case the water heater shoulda had Viagra.  It's time.  I'm checking into places for you to fade in peace, but I'm just not that civilized.

Good stuff - Have the pieces in a shopping cart for *MY* computer.  Ok, it's really going to be for daughter, but first OMG purchase in a long time.  (Since the awesome carpet cleaner which has already saved bacon!)

Have the list of community ed classes and just need to decide when and what I'm doing.  Yoga, Zumba or Tai Chi?

Blanket of never ending is on my lap and just about ready for some edging.  Panda hat only needs ears, pockets and claws.  I've moved three beginners into MAKE ALL THE THINGS, starting on two hats and a cowl.  Yay!  (working with Red Heart all evening - ACK)

Working on getting a better job actually has prospects.  I need a kick in the back pocket, but YAY!  Small progress!!

Meanwhile, now I've folding some laundry, gone over the mail, knitted a bit, blogged SOMETHING and shined the sink before 10 am.  Yay, me

(PS - Awesome stuff - not everything I write is for this or shared at all.  I sat down last week to do something flippant and silly about the reasons that a woman would still wear high heels in winter and fell on my face.  Some old splinter came out, made of my issues, other people's issues, anxiety, fear and winter blues.  Stunning part is that it came out almost whole cloth, seams, button holes and all.  Good feedback led to better feedback - so I put on the Big Girl Panties and sent it to a real pro who might be kind and pat me on the head.  Instead, I ended the day with a SONG in my email.  DUDE, I wrote a SONG!  I released it into the world and it came back a little different, a lot prettier and with a joke from the universe that still makes me giggle.  So, even if procrastination is sitting behind me snickering, I WROTE A SONG!!)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

To answer a  PSA (Public Service Announcement) for a group of very interesting women, I had to tell a really good story.  This is a true story showing several life lessons.  Set down your drinks and hold on tightly.

The ER nurses know his name.  The surgical nurses ask me how he's doing.  Let's just start there...

He's got a man cave.  I try not to know what happens in the man cave until he has all of my silverware.  He's fixing up a Camry that his brother thrashed.  They've been talking about fry oil conversions, electric cars and hydrogen cars.  What would need to be done to convert this Nasty car that is now spanking clean, but still needs much work.

I have 4 proto-adults in the house, two are quite disabled - so I run around like an idiot most days plus my full time job.  Some days, I have the attention span of a gnat on meth.  He mentions that he has an electrolysis machine.  I hear a word that means, "Electrolysis hair removal is the only method approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal."  He does not mean this.  I remember asking, "Why would you want a bald dog?"   He took a jelly jar (bonus points for shrapnel) and made something that means, "One important use of electrolysis of water is to produce hydrogen.  2 H2O(l) → 2 H2(g) + O2(g); E0 = -1.229 V"

He used soda on the lid of the jelly jar because hydrogen production will be shown by the bubbles that are produced.  He didn't believe the bubble test because it was SODA.

I'm having a very busy day off capped by making omelets for 5 people.  William comes down and asks, "Mom, can I borrow a lighter?"  Since it's Will, I do ask.  I want full credit that my brain said, "DANGER!  NO FLANGE!!"  "Why do you need a lighter?"

"I need to test something."

In a kid that isn't a beer drinker, you don't get the magic words of 911 potential out of "Hold my beer and watch this."  Since I smoke, I just hand him a lighter.  I go back to torturing eggs.

BAMFFF.  It sounded like a huge monitor got dropped from a desk.  (I've heard that sound.  It could have been the sound of a ferrari hitting a maple tree for all I know.)  It did say, "BAMMF" like it meant MOTHERFUCKER!  And, there was the tinkle of glass ...  In the hallway.

In the 1/2 second that it took me to levitate the stairs, William was standing there shell shocked and starting to giggle.  Not the healthy giggle like the dog farted.  This was the giggle that means the start of evil scientist movies.  Giggling.  He's fine.  The room is fine.  The windows are intact (hush, it's winter in Minnesota - this is important).

I get reminded that electrolysis is good for something not called a Brazilian.  Oh.  I wasn't this stupid before I had children.  Child is fine.  Computer is fine.  Keyboard is covered in water.  Water cleaned.  I go down and finish the omelete in progress.  Will cleans.  There is glass EVERYWHERE.  We pick up the big pieces.  Vacuum.  Strip his bed.  Vacuum again.  Sweep glass out of the hallway.  Will is sniggering by now and progressing as the adrenaline hits the strange places.  He ends laying on the livingroom floor guffawing like he's being tickled.  Joking about writing this up on facebook like it's a school project.  (Oh LORD, protect me from the drama shitstorm of the ex husband seeing an explosion on facebook.)  Child is fine.  Hysterical, but fine.  His last pinkeye was from getting a piece of clear plastic stuck into his cornea - I look him over as closely as I can without "BAD TOUCH".  He's fine.  I examine his room and find SIX pieces of glass embedded in the drywall.  I pull them out so glass isn't found later in bad ways.

"Mom, am I grounded?"

"No, but you will be cleaning until I'm happy again."

The next day, he tells the girlfriend that he's grounded.  He's still got a major case of the giggles whenever certain words are mentioned.  Rare words for teenagers like WATER, JELLY JAR, ELECTRONICS.  He's the captain of his school's robotics team and skipped the first few meetings.  I don't blame him.

3 days later, he's taking out the trash.  A lid to a can of cat food was on the bottom of the bag and sliced the top of his foot open badly enough to need gauze and duct tape.  (yes, duct tape. Red Duct tape with Black Dragons on it.  At least it wasn't the hot pink with tiger stripes.)  After the 30 staples across his neck and shoulders this summer, we don't need to be back in the ER for AWHILE.

So, points to remember.  Hydrogen explodes.  Don't let children play with lighters.  Don't do experiments near a computer.  Don't scare your mother.  My son can blow shit up, but gets hurt taking out the trash.  Did I miss anything?  Want to hear the stitches story?