Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The second collection were things that were being blocked and finished in a big rush for the fair. I got distracted when sweet hubby accidentally *FELTED* a lace shawl, but I can't kill him - it won first place.

Picture one and two - same blanket - lace made of baby yarn. I really should spring for the good stuff, but the new mommy was just thrilled that it was washable. Third and fourth are a white yarn with pink and blue speckles. Five and Six are of one of my favorite sweaters. It's a poncho with arm shaping and turned out pretty well. I do get nice comments on it when Niki or I wear it. I'd like to do that again, but when I went to look for *SUBTLE* colors, I got distracted by pretty clearance yarn. I'll blog about clearance yarn later.

7 and * are a really nice blanket. I wish I'd put more work and thought into it, but blindly following an interesting pattern with cheap yarn got me an almost indestructible blanket. The cat has clawed it and slept on it. It's been tossed behind the couch and come up with no snags. I've worn it as a shawl around the house and it's almost too long for that, but perfect for a lap robe.

The last is the long storied map blanket. Yet AGAIN, it didn't make the fair because I can't find what safe hole I stuck the cursed beads in! Someplace perfectly safe and so secure that I can't find them again. Ah well, they are still lovely and kicking around someplace.. At least it's finally sewn, washed, blocked and has the tassels complete.
Ug, now I remember why it was so hard to keep a knitting blog. I really jump around too much to just keep one going. Firstly, I have a collection of projects at Wierd Kids http://www.wierdkids.com/gs/knitting.htm

The first is the Viking Turid sweater. It's a GREAT pattern, and I can't find it. Going thru the closet of UFO land, I've found several things that I put aside. And, most of them are things that I really do want to finish. Bottom left of the third picture are 2 peach Elizabeth Zimmerman Dickies. They are really comfy, but are from "antique" yarn so they don't really match anything that I wear. Then, a dark grey one that has been used, and a rainbow one for "What was I thinking". But it does look "cool". (picture 4 is closer)

Then, the socks - picture 5 is closer. Grey tweed and purple is a pair, Red and white, black and rainbow (very comfy), the white top and peach/purple is a mistake that I can't find (maybe the heel is just too short or the plastic managed to shrink?), and the first of the striped socks. The long brown sock is my absolute favorite. It's plastic, but it's a very soft one that was given to me without a label. It's PERFECT for cuddling with a book, especially if you don't want to walk anywhere. (Ok, it falls down like a brick). But, it's SOOO comfy... The two green hats were a strange plastic, but thin so they could be beaded, and they both were sold. The yellow and green fit with one of William's coats, so it's stayed here. Down the left side of the circle are various swirly hats. It's the simplest pattern of increase until the colors line up, knit and watch gauge, then find someone to fit the hat. The pink and light blue in the middle are Lopi. The grey with red intarsia is Lopi and plastic, but match one of my coats. The red and pink was made for Niki, and the pink and purple was a checkerboard experiment. It went tight, so it's one for Vanessa. Picture 6 is more hat detail; picture 7 is a closeup of Vanessa's hat. Picture 8 is my hat. 9 is Will's (he wanted to put it on consignment, but then pulled it out of the bag.)

Pictures 9-13 are my first cable. Silly me worked the pattern in the round and totally messed up the shoulder shaping. I'm proud to say that I only made one mistake and it's right in the center of picture 13. I left it because it reminds me to pay attention when I cable.

Pictures 14-16 are Niki's Salish style cardigan. It's from a Priscilla Roberts-Gibson book that I found in the library, and I've probably borrowed it four times now. 17 and 18 are an attempt to do a swirly sweater. I haven't take pictures of it finished, but I've worn it several times and so has Niki. The varigated is a suede feeling, and the body style is a long tunic. The last few are some of the hats and wristlets that were sold. It's Nature Spun wool and the patterns are Salish again.