Saturday, January 27, 2007

I've been getting behind in my notes to myself (and anyone who cares to listen). I'm working - which is a drama that I won't flap about. I suppose the big news is that a new format is coming. One that is easier to change around and organize into something that looks like rational thought rather than someone's attic. Another is that I'm signed up for a blogger update, I just have to sit and figure it all up.

The cat is being passive agressive with her tail from the top of the monitor. I play a video game and the tail is over a corner. I surf and the tail is over the X. I'd get angry about it, but she is smirking at the same time. She loses the smirk when I poke her in the butt to move the tail - but they both wander back into place as she shifts around, dusting the top of the monitor with her belly flab. Yes, Mildred, I'm discussing feline flab on my blog. Nyah Nyah. If you've noticed, she is the star of the Menu site's anti-spam filter. So, now you know that the loop of fur that droops down the monitor is the reason that she stars on a page about eating well.