Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Best Christmas present so far.  I picked up a little tablet and I'll be able to write about the interesting stuff that I find.

First, I'm going to research some basic information on podcasts.  I'm an addict, and happy to share the things that I find.  Would anyone like to suggest ideas, podcasts or pod catchers?  email me  I'm using Downcadt - a pay service.  Probably easiest to start with Itunes.  Free and easy.

Then, I would like to update my Ravelry profile information.  Pictures of stash, the top 3 projects, and pictures of things that I've actually finished.  As the Knitmore girls say, it's not done until the ends are tucked and photos are posted.

Finally, I'm going to be grabbing pictures of fixing up the old house.  The big projects are done.  I'm still so chuffed and amazed that I survived the insurance process that was actually worse than living with a hole in the roof, the barn blowing away, or the wind storm/tornado.  I have the stuff to paint William's room and install new screens.  I have to choose between 3 great real estate agents and just get it listed.

Have an amazing holiday!

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Fair and new podcast

Got one thing together for the fair.  To be honest, I made it ages ago and did use it to snuggle with on the couch.  I'd never actually done the finishing. According to the Knitmores, it's not done until its blocked, tails tucked and pictures on Ravelry.

That means that almost everything in my house is still in progress. Lol.  I have a sweater that's over 10 years old and well worn that still has tails.  Oops!  I love it and it wanted lots of pockets that it never got. Maybe eventually.  

Anyway, this shawl was a huge, crazy project. I spent 4 hours washing, soaking and blocking.  I'd found some simple galvanized wire for blocking wires, and they worked nicely for the top. The sides were done with hundreds of pins. Annoying and completely worth it. The fun part was that the fat cat got the idea that the wire was evil and needed to die violently. I wish that I'd filmed it!

Kicked the cat out of the house and finished stretching everything. It grew by more than half.  I always forget how much lace grows. The picture is the shawl pinned on the carpet on a queen size sheet folded in half. 

I won a blue ribbon!!!   I am thrilled that the local yarn store awarded me best in show and I have a gift certificate to use. 3 of the former judges came and said that I was best in the show.  The current judge didn't think so, but that's ok. I think it means more coming from people who's opinion that I value instead of someone that I don't know very well.

This was a post first written on my phone.  I really do like this new system.  Just have to figure out if anyone is still reading. 

Catching up

It feels really good to be back in a place where I can be doing the art stuff again.  I don't even want to make the list of what all I've done now. 

But I will be putting up some pics and telling some stories so stay tuned.