Friday, May 01, 2009

Hmm. I'm writing really long posts again, so I should probably start posting to the blog the stuff that I've got running around my head.

Firstly, I'm almost finished with Niki's blanket and a pair of Fruit Loop socks. I'll link to the patterns and pictures if I can. It's rather a bummer because Niki's blanket was supposed to be a mindless project that I'd work on after I'd burnt out on UFOs. But, that's ok. I organized a stack and have them moving again. I'd even found a pair of socks that just needed to be Kitchnered. uggg

Also, I'm a podcast addict. I admit it. I'll probably live the rest of my life with buds in my ears and I'm ok with that. Random sound usually makes me nervous anyway. This morning, I'm listening to History According to Bob. I don't have a top list as it depends on the mood I'm in. I love Cast-On, CraftLit, Lime and Violet, Dr Gemma, Forgotten Classics and many more. I'll try to note out what I'm thinking about them as they post up new stuff because I'm rather enamored of all of them.

The other side of it is that I'm getting very used to having Vanessa here. She's getting bored and figuring out that she likes to read, knit, and learn. If tv gets turned on, then she'll sit there all day. She's lost 3o pounds, learned to crochet, and we'll be starting the yard and garden work pretty quickly.