Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Well, another blank page to stare at.  I came in to post a small story with the links that I want to keep.  My obese Siamese kicked over the computer and killed it dead.  Son and I worked for 4 days to reinstall an operating system, but dead is dead.  I, of course, threatened to break cat's legs almost hourly but she just showed me her butt and wanted to use the free lap space for warmth.

So, I have to start my podcast journey from the beginning of the road.  I know the ones that I want to stay with, but I'm sure there will be many that I forget.  So, I started with a search for NPR and rejoined a few of those.  Then, I went to Ravelry, because everything is on Ravelry, and the podcast junkies group has a big list of the podcasts of interest.  Some of those are podfaded, some of my favorites flashed in time like a Nova and I only saw a minor reflection of something wonderful.

This makes me want to document the research and start my own podcast.  I'd really like to read some books for Librivox, I'd really like to document what I'm designing and knitting.  I'd like a place to sell the yarn that I haven't found a wonderful use for or fallen out of love with.

So, the first that's making me happy is the Celtic Mythology Podcast.  It does have a subscribe button, and a place to listen from the website.  What a WONDERFUL treat!  The old stories told with passion and a bit too many sound effects.  They do an absolutely fabulous job with just a minor rub up against the Pagan side.  I don't want to convert to Paganism, thanks.  But, finally understanding that the stories are populated with the shadows of history told in best tall-tale fashion is a thing of absolute wonder.   There's also just something about highland music that stays under your skin until the call of the wild places has overtones of reeds, whistles and bagpipes.  I do also enjoy the idea of spending some time with men who own kilts and might actually wear one.