Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yay, it worked!! This is Will all dressed for paintball. Doesn't he look all grown up??
Oh cool! I guess you do have to check these things constantly!! I found a great new site for having an RSS feed for my list of stuff to get to (don't worry if this doesn't make sense) - but blogger changed too. So, I had to do some jumping to get thru the hoops to get them to work together.

Now, my gmail works with blogger, chatspeak, and 30 boxes - Whoo Hooo!!! Now, if I just had a better mobile, then life would be good. Oh, and have everything able to update my main domain, and be able to download everything that I need to know about dreamweaver in one big chunk.

Ok, there's some new pictures of William on flicker, we've been doing the park days at Lake George and that picture heads off - the BAHA website. (Oh, and I need someone who would like the homeschool t-shirts that say BAHA, I think 4 more and the printing is free) Um, the camping trip starts this weekend, and we may have someone organizing a Nisswa water park trip on Aug 15th.