Saturday, December 15, 2007

Well, It's been far too long since I've posted. I've been being boring again. I'm procrastinating on learning Dreamweaver, so I've been knitting like it's an addiction. Even worse, I've found enablers at a wonderful community called Ravelry. It's for any fiber hobby-ist, but it's still in beta, so you have to request an invite.

It's been so nice to just sit and knit and read. But, I feel like I should contribute by actually taking pictures of what I've done. Only, it's been too cold to be outside unless I'm moving wood, or just not sunny enough to take good pictures. I really don't want to be playing with light boxes, so it's all just on the "to do" list.

A minor bit of unboring - the lawsuit for the toxic waste site is finally into the deposition stage. MIL is all worried that they might order us to release our movie footage and research, but I really don't think that they can. The only parts of it that are released to the public are all on the website, so I don't think that they can ask for everything.

So, back to ignoring Christmas and cleaning all the UFO (unfinished objects) out of my closet. If I really want to propagandize - I'm really doing a deep clean on the big closet, right? Yay, me!