Friday, October 19, 2007

When Ickle holds still, she is one strangle looking cat. This is after a cuddle with the electric blanket and a good belly rub. She can sleep and purr with her mouth open, and we can do anything we want with her. I'm thinking that she's going to be a frequent flyer on "Stuff on my Cat" and the LOLcats at "I can has cheezburger."

This is the Ickle. She was treed by the dog last week as a bag of bones with bad fur. I brought the dog in the house, got Niki into the house, and William went out and pulled her of the tree. She is DEFINITELY the most playful cat that we've ever had! On the second night, she'd been well fed and well rested, so wanted to play the game where the human wiggles under the blanket and kitty pounces. This little thing dove under the covers for my hand, and punched me in my NOSE!

All of the pictures of her are blurry because she barely sits still.

I like this picture because you can see her markings. She has one white eyebrow, mustache, beard and the crooked blaze down her nose. You'll see in the next pictures that her feet are spotty and even her tan colors just don't look quite "right". So, "Icky Little Kitty" has become Ickle and looks like she's here to stay. Mildred is NOT amused.