Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm still thinking and working on this project.  I'm plugging away at my big list and feeling like not much is getting accomplished.  Just little babysteps, so I'm thinking of cutting these up into smaller bites - like maybe I could cut half of Nessie's hair?  (grin)  I did pay a couple of bills, clean up, and get some more laundry accomplished.  I'm within a good movie or two from finishing the jade blanket, and I think a black edging would be stunning and different.  Also, just about finished reworking the alpaca cowl to be longer.  Still need to do panda ears on a hat, Niki socks, gauntlets, and finish spinning the silk or the Romney, package the Lincoln and clean the alpaca.  (eek)  I'm lusting after sock yarn and petted some lovely stuff yesterday.  Realistically, I can't afford it and do have quite enough stash already.

Sadly, our water is frozen, so I'm only getting the cup of coffee that was left in the pot from before son went to work last night.  Ack.  ACKACK.  The good side is that my woodstove has had much love and attention, so the house feels wonderful.  Just sent a son to fetch coffee - WOW, that is a nice part of having room mates instead of little children!

Not much progress on the Control Journal.  I have a really nice, large leather one that had everything in it.  I wanted a "Crazy Lady Planner", but it was quite expensive.  I built most of what I wanted, but LARGE.  It was too much.  I'm not a fan of the huge binder thing.  Right now, I have a couple of notebooks that I try to keep life in.  A small book for my pocket, a notebook size for knitting stuffs.  I still don't always remember to pull them out when I'm planning a day, but they're always there to get my back.

On the podcast front, I'm very proud that I'm totally caught up with NPR news.  I've listened to 2KnitLitChicks and like it.  I'm not loving it, but I'll give them time to get rolling before I critique.  Today, I have Sticks and String to catch up on, and oooh, his accent.

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